The Satisfying Work of Girl Guides

Girl Guides in the Laval-Mille-Iles District have been working hard to serve our communities in the last few months. In late November, we went door-to-door collecting donations for our local food bank in St-Agapit. Everyone from our littlest spark to our Pathfinders and leaders pitched in to help. Sadly our food bank was robbed the night before they were supposed to give out the Christmas baskets to unfortunate families (made the local news) but we didn’t give up. Instead, we got together and baked goods that were distributed the next day to seniors in our area for Meals on Wheels. As we rang the doorbell and sang Jingle Bells to the elderly, you could see the smiles from everyone around.
We also participated in our community Santa Claus Parade, which is one of the longest running community parades in Quebec. Dressed as Christmas trees, we smiled, waved and danced our way to the end. Our hard work didn’t go unnoticed as we won the best marching group in the parade and have gotten interest from girls wanting to join Guiding.
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January is upon us but helping our community won’t end there. Next up: knitting hats for those less fortunate and collecting more food donations to help replenish what was stolen. A Girl Guides’ work is never done but it sure can be satisfying.
Sheryl Quimpo is a Guider with the 1st Two-Mountains Brownies in Laval-Mille-Iles District .

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