Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Paddling to Blueberry Island


IMG_1982IMG_1986Today is a favorite day for many campers: the day they get to paddle to Blueberry Island for a swim. We have been incredibly lucky with all the beautiful weather this season to be able to do so much with the girls.

After breakfast it was off to Blueberry Island for the Pathfinder and Ranger site. I was tagging along as an extra adult. The girls all paddled well and we were there swiftly. Once we got there well all jumped in for a swim off the island with our life jackets on. The rule at Blueberry is you have to keep your life jacket on at all times and have it done up. The campers don’t mind as they make it fun with the jackets on. A game of water tag anyone? As we returned from Blueberry Island, I decided to test the waters out for a new challenge crest — Blueberry Island Boat Swim. Pathfinders and Rangers: Look out for something new next season!


After lunch the Guides were off to Blueberry Island in the Rabaska. It was fantastic to hear them singing from a distance as they paddled back along the lake to the docks.

The camp was also busy with both sites doing the Amazing Race challenges when not on the water for boating.

At meal times, the sites send down three or four girls to food services to get their ingredients. That means three times a day the campers are collecting their food in a cooler and dry basket. The wonderful ladies in the food building have everything ready, waiting and labeled in the walk in fridge. The campers head down and get a wagon from beside the building and load up for the trip to site. For some sites like Huron and Mic Mac it is an easy pull for others it is not so easy with the hills they face. They each take turns in their patrols and work at figuring out the best way to balance their strength – teamwork is a great thing.


Just so you know…the photo was posed, with a little dramatic expression.

As I sit this evening at the computer in the office, I can hear the singing from atop the hill. My heart begins to grow heavy as I realize the summer camp days are coming to an end. But, I know I will return next year to see the campers that have grown in size, skill and leadership.

Super Eagle signing off,


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