Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Heat, Sun and Water Make for a Great Day


Another beautiful day on the shores of Wa-Thik-Ane began with morning dip for the Guides and Pathfinders and Super Eagle. The Sparks and Brownies slept under the stars last night; good job girls! They are packed up and ready to head home today with an extra collection of memories to share as they drive home. Then came breakfast and our last Regatta day of the season. Waterfront staff were excited to colour my hair and it turned out great. Apparently short hair with hair chalk has better results. It looks professional ladies!

Thanks to the Wee Camp leaders we have a new game we have added to our circuit: catch the worm on the fishing line. Lots of smiles, laughter and cheering went on throughout the morning as girls raced on pool noodles, played rubber duck soccer, stacked cups on campers’ and leaders’ backs and played many more water games.

Hunger often strikes after a morning of activity on the waterfront so it was off to site for lunch and a little rest before the short lake swim this afternoon.

Meanwhile the luggage was loaded and moved up to the parking to greet the Spark and Brownie parents. Little campers arrived with hugs to share and crests to show.

It is amazing watching them take pictures with their new camp friends and share contact information to stay in touch until they see each other once again next summer at the Wonderful Weeks at Wa-Thik-Ane.

It was a calm afternoon on the water for the short lake swim and all the swimmers that jumped in made it across and back. A few leaders were able to achieve their short lake swim as well. Well done everyone – great swimming!


The waterfront and food ladies headed up to Algonquin site where the Pathfinders and Rangers are camping and were treated to a red carpet arrival. Well deserved, ladies. And great teamwork serving and cleaning up a wonderful dinner, campers.


Super Eagle signing off,


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