Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane A: Stolen Voice


Boat Swim is a great challenge because everyone from Brownie age to Ranger age can participate. This afternoon was boat swim and the campers were looking forward to it! Waterfront is usually the busiest place at camp and the day began for Spark/Brownie camp with swim time while the Pathfinder/Ranger camp did boating. Then after a little break in between for morning snack and tuck, they switched. Then was the Boat Swim; lifeguards and adult volunteers  got in the water first and were soon joined by the swimmers. Ready, set, go – one after another they jumped in and started their swim. They all did an amazing job. For some it was a tougher challenge than for others but even the last swimmer, surrounded by volunteers and lifeguards and cheers from the dock and shoreline, made it!

During the afternoon. the Sparks and Brownies, with the helps of the Rangers, went on a scavenge hunt around camp to figure out who had stolen Ariel’s lost voice. At the end of the trail (which happened to be the end of the Camp Tour Challenge), Ursala was found to have been the culprit. The action built on waterfront as Ursala tried to escape, but Pip (head of waterfront) saved the day by chasing after her and rescuing Ariel’s voice as she grabbed it and pushed Ursala into the waters of Lac Bouchette — leaving her to swim away with no beautiful voice. Hurray Pip!


There was more than one tricky thief at camp today. As I came down to waterfront after lunch there he was hanging upside down with his bushy tail in the air, working very hard at getting an apple core out of the corner of the garbage bag. He succeeded at chewing a hole in the bag and running off with his reward, a generous chunk of apple.


After a busy day, hungry tummies enjoyed dinner cooked on the fire and a delicious treat of garlic bread from our wonderful food ladies Jennifer and Charyl. Then the evening came to an end all together at central campfire with some great songs and the day’s light setting over the lake. Once again waterfront led us in song as they built a large fire and shared some wonderful tunes with the campers. Thank you once again to Pip (Michelle), Coral (Alex), Flounder (Ella) and Ursala (Mary May) for a fantastic day on the shores of Wa-Thik-Ane.

Super Eagle signing off,


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