Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Morning Dip and Sleeping Under the Stars


Dipping in the lake at 7 am is a great way to wake up and some of the Sparks and their Moms rose to the challenge this morning. The Sparks need to do it two mornings to receive their morning dip challenge crest and the Brownies and up need to do it three mornings. Once morning dip was over the camp began to wake up with voices from campsites and campers coming down to collect their breakfast food from the food services building.


Sparks and their Moms headed down to waterfront for 10 am to do some boating. Everyone else was packing up as the week-long camp had come to an end and parents came for pick up after lunch today. The Sparks piled into the Rabaska while some of the Moms, leaders and boating staff took a few canoes. Everyone had fun. Then it was back to site to build boats from pool noodles with Moms so that they could be tested at swim time this afternoon.

Saturday 3Saturday 2Saturday 1

I did luggage and said hello to parents picking up and goodbye to the campers until next summer. Then I was lucky enough to be on time to join the Wee campers for their swim time. After swim was tuck and shop. Tuck is when each camper gets two free pieces of candy everyday. I always get smiles as they line up to choose what they’d like. Moms from the Wee camp were happy to get their tuck today too!

Then before I knew it, it was suppertime and campfire. Tonight I have been invited by the Wee campers (actually by my daughter who is a leader on the Wee campsite) to sleep under the stars. The tarps are all set up, bedrolls are coming out and we are snuggled in to the sound of buzzzzz – mosquitos; cover your head and say goodnight to that beautiful starry sky.

Super Eagle signing off,



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