Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: A View Well Worth the Hike


9After rising from under a wet tarp covered in morning dew, I changed and packed a daypack to lead the Wee Moms and my daughter Laura to the bluff for the sunrise hike. We left site at 4:30 a.m. in the dark, hiking by our headlamps up to the bluff lookout to arrive to that beautiful glow of pink and orange across the valley behind the hillside facing us. The first words I heard behind me from a Mom was: “oh this is so worth it.” Thank you Laura for sharing in the hike with me and for earning our first challenge crest together: Sleeping under the Stars. We may not be a Spark and Mom but we are mother and daughter, just a wee bit older!


After a delicious breakfast of French Toast Bake with the Wee campers, I headed off to bring their luggage to the parking area and prep the parking lot to receive week three campers.

The Moms and Sparks headed down to waterfront for water games and games on the shoreline. One of their favourites was fishing for your Mom and fishing for your Spark. The campers headed off to find a stick to make a fishing pole out of, tied a string to the end of their stick and used a Twizzler as bait! Standing on the waterfront deck and fishing over the edge, the fish below on the grassy beach area tried to get the bait — a fun and tasty game! After a picnic lunch by the water the tired and smiling campers headed home.

New campers for week three settled in, met with new and old friends as they settled their gear into their tents. Those that needed to be swim tested were and campers that had their swim tests from previous camps waited on the shore line to jump in and cool off on such a beautiful hot day.

The BBQ was lit and we all enjoyed hamburgers, salads, veggies and chips together down at the waterfront area. Then we moved on to evening chores and a campfire to end the day in song as the sun set on a great day!

Super Eagle signing off,


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1 Response to Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: A View Well Worth the Hike

  1. Stacey Dakin says:

    Good morning!! Had a nice time with my daughter Rachel, brought back so many memories of my GG camps 25yrs ago. Thank you!!!
    After our brief chat Joanne regarding a container to store camp equipment I did manage to get a quote from my friend who sells them but not sure how to get it to you. Send me a note if you want the details:)

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