Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: The Excitement of Regatta and the Short Lake Swim

Wednesday or hump day as some people call it, as it is midway through the week, is a
busy day at Wa-Thik-Ane. As it does every morning, morning dip woke me up and started the day at camp. Then, it was time for breakfast duty. How that works is that a small group goes off to the food building to pick up the cooler and dry goods basket already filled and waiting for them. They load them in the wagon and heave-ho off they go pulling and pushing it along to site. These girls and leaders get a good workout hauling the wagon up and down the hills of Wa-Thik-Ane, and practice their teamwork skills too! Today was Shannon’s birthday and the familiar birthday song could be heard coming from atop the hill, early morning, as they gathered for breakfast. Happy Birthday Shannon!

At 11 am, the Guides that were interested in doing the short lake swim, were down at waterfront ready to go. Leaders put on life jackets and hopped in the water as waterfront staff readied themselves in boats, in the water and on the paddleboard. Then the swimmers jumped in and accomplished the swim across the short side of the lake and back. Well done girls!

After lunch we had beautiful sunshine and a busy waterfront as Regatta began at 2 pm. Games included lots of fun in the water and on deck such as filling a bucket with soap bubbles and then having a foam fight to pass the sponge up and over and squeeze the water into another bucket. Thank you leaders for being such a good sport!

Then off to site for dinner for some hungry campers and a surprise Rice Krispie treat from our wonderful food queen, Jennifer. Thanks Jennifer, your special touch added another smile to everyone’s day.

Super Eagle signing off,

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