Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: A trip to Blueberry Island

A warm day today meant lots of waterfront time and smiling faces splashing in the
water. The water trampoline went out which brought a new layer of fun to the
waterfront! Brownies enjoyed the rowboats and the wonderful sound of children singing
could be heard coming from the the water. There is nothing like a good song to
keep the pace of rowing.


The two Guide sites joined together today to take a hike around the camp and learn about the plants and flowers we have. I think there just might be a camp tour challenge crest earned in that hike as I am sure they passed through all the sites at camp. Mic Mac Guides have been busy learning about reading the weather patterns in clouds, different types of outdoor cooking and many other things. They have spent a lot of time preparing for their 24 hour independent camp to earn their experienced camper badge. As I arrived to do garbage detail last night they were enjoying their dinner after a challenging experience cooking  over the fire and tents were up and waiting for the patrols. Tune in tomorrow to see how their camp went!

Iroquois Guides had a treat this afternoon as they loaded into the canoes to spend the afternoon at Blueberry Island swimming. One of the new lifeguards, Kiley, was invited to join them on the trip. Never having canoed before she was a little nervous but rose to the challenge, especially when she was placed in the back on the return trip to steer the canoe in the right direction. Well done Kiley! This is why I love being here to see young girls and women rise to a new challenge. I think she has the canoeing bug now!

The evening came to a close with a central campfire. All the sites walked down and the Pathfinders led us in song. Fantastic job at leading the campfire ladies, thank you Pathfinders! Wa-Thik-Ane means peaceful camp by the waters and nowhere do I feel that more as we join in unison to sing taps on the waters edge at the end of another wonderful day.


Super Eagle signing off,

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