Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Learning the rules and fun of Waterfront

Day two of camp began with the opportunity to earn you Morning Dip crest. To do this you need to be at waterfront by 7 a.m. to go in up to your shoulders. I had several Brownies and another Brownie leader waiting with me for the waterfront to open so we could do our dip. Several Guides and some Pathfinders filtered down to join in also. After morning dip everyone returns to their sites to change and help prepare breakfast, which for this wonderful Monday morning was bacon, eggs, toast, fruit with warm and cold beverages. Hot oatmeal makes a great addition to start the day as well.



Brownies were busy after breakfast making an awesome craft a nature tic tac toe game. They are very kind and made one for me which I have the perfect spot for on my coffee table in the living room. Thank you Brownies!

Pathfinders had their first try at rowboats and found out it is not as easy as one thinks! They used their thinking and knot skills in the morning making travois (a makeshift stretcher out of wood and rope) and having a race to carry their “patient” to safety on them.


Brownies ended their day with a silent supper and a surprise utensil meal. This means they reached in a bag and blindly picked a utensil to eat their dinner with. Sometimes the leaders have worse luck than the campers — Patricia had to eat with a can opener!

utensil meal 1

Camp was quiet by 10 pm. and one leader from each site was in the food service kitchen preparing their French toast bake for breakfast tomorrow morning….yumn!

Patricia can opener

Super Eagle signing off,


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