90 Days of Campfires for Wa-Thik-Ane’s 90th Anniversary

Beginning February 20, all units, gatherings and/or districts are invited to book one of the 90 days on the official Campfire calendar! On that date they can record a snippet of a campfire song (edit down to your best minute!), or take a photo of their group, to be posted here, on the Québec blog. Please send your photos, videos and other memories of Wa-Thik-Ane to wta90(@)guidesquebec(.)ca

Let’s fill every one of those 90 days, commemorating each of those 90 years! Watch the space below for all the campfire action. Be creative and be counted. Challenge another district. Make this an “emerald” year.


Campfire #44 (April 3)

Northernlights Sparks sang “I Like the Flowers” at their advancement ceremony. 

Campfire #43 (April 2)

  • St. Lazare Sparks, Guides and Trex sang “Boogie Woogie Washer Woman” while at Camp Pioneer at Ste Justine de Newton to celebrate Camp Wa-Thik-Ane’s 90th anniversary.

Campfire #42 (April 1)

  • The 42nd Gloucester Pathfinders visited Camp Wa-Thik-Ane for the first time and led a campfire that included Pirate Ship and Penguins.

42nd Gloucester Pathfinders.JPG

Campfire #41 (March 31)

  • The 66th Montreal Guides sang “Tzana” to celebrate Camp Wa-Thik-Ane’s 90th anniversary.

Campfire #40 (March 30)

  • Pathfinders, Rangers and 3rd year Guides from Monklands District sang “My Paddle” and “Land of the Silver Birch” in a round to celebrate Camp Wa-Thik-Ane’s 90th anniversary while up at camp.

Campfire #39 (March 29)

  • During Secteur Argenteuil’s annual district campfire led by the Guide unit, they recorded a snippet of the “Button Factory” for Camp Wa-Thik-Ane’s 90th anniversary.

Campfire #38 (March 28)

  • The 1st Lachine Pathfiners sang “Corn” and “Zulu Warrior” up at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane.

Campfire #37 (March 27)

  • The 4th Beacon Hill Guides wished Camp Wa-Thik-Ane a happy 90th birthday and sang “Edelweiss.”

Campfire #36 (March 26)

  • Guiders from around Québec sent rainy wishes to our Guiding sister in Fort McMurray by singing “Johnny Apple Seed” at the AGM.

Campfire #35 (March 25)

  • The 2nd Montreal Sparks, equipped with paper ponchos and maracas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, sang “The Sparks Jump Up!” at their weekly meeting.

Campfire #34 (March 24)

  • The 2nd Cedar Park Guides sang “Everywhere” in both English and French for 90 Days of Campfires.

Campfire #33 (March 23)

  • Northern Lights District Sparks Sang “Corn” at their badge and enrollment ceremony.

Campfire #32 (March 22)

  • Trainers at the Train the Trainer event chose “I Like the Flowers” as their song to celebrate 90 Days of Campfires.

Campfire #31 (March 21)

  • The Pointe Claire Sparks enthusiastically celebrated Camp Wa-Thik-Ane’s 90th anniversary during their meeting  campfire and sang: “40 Years on an Iceberg,” “The Moose Song,” “Banana Split” and “The Carousel song.”

Campfire #30 (March 20)

  • The 1st Cedar Park Guides celebrated with “Corn.”

Campfire #29 (March 19)

    • Northshore Sparks and Brownies sang “40 Years on an Iceberg” at their campfire.

Campfire #28 (March 18)

  • Ormstown Brownies held their campfire during their winter camp at the centre L’estacade, they sang ‘Herman the Worm’

Campfire #27 (March 17)

  • The 5th Beacon Hill Brownies enjoying their campfire during their winter camp.


CAMPFIRE #26 (March 16)

  • The Knowlton Brownies sang “The Other Day (I Met a Bear)” as their song for 90 Days of Campfires.

CAMPFIRE #25 (March 15)

  • The 2nd Riverdale Guides sang “Ira Congo” for 90 Days of Campfires at their unit meeting.

CAMPFIRE #24 (March 14)

  • Members of Québec Council paid tribute to Wa-Thik-Ane with “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”!



CAMPFIRE #23 (March 13)

  • The 1st Knowlton Guides sang ’40 Years on an Iceberg’ for their 90 days of campfires contribution!


CAMPFIRE #22 (March 12)

  • The 33rd Montreal Pathfinders sang for Camp Wa-Thik-Ane’s 90th Anniversary. Their song of choice: “Green and Yellow.”

CAMPFIRE #20 (March 10)

  • Provincial Commissioners and PC Elects from across the country joined together to sing This Land is Your Land” in celebration of Wa-Thik-Ane.


CAMPFIRE #19 (March 9)

  • Laval District sang “Can a Woman” at their district Thinking Day event.


CAMPFIRE #18 (March 8)

  • Girls from Saint-Laurent in Liesse District celebrated by singing “Tom the Toad,” “Fred the Fish” and “Herman the Worm.”

CAMPFIRE #17 (March 7)

  • Girls from Lennoxville proudly sang “Chinese Fan,” complete with the many actions.

CAMPFIRE #16 (March 6)

  • Lennoxville Guides celebrated with a rendition of “Okki Tokki Anga” at their winter camp.

CAMPFIRE #15 (March 5)

  • The 1st Milton Park Guides sang “The Pirate Song” at their meeting.

CAMPFIRE #14 (March 4)

  • Pathfinders in Lachine made a splash with their campfire with “The Swimming Pool Song”!


CAMPFIRE #13 (March 3)

  • The 5th Greenfield Park Brownies from Riverview District chose “Purple Soup” as their campfire song to share!


CAMPFIRE #12 (March 2)

  • The Property Committee is busy preparing Camp Wa-Thik-Ane for a new season of campers. They took a ‘campfire’ moment at their virtual meeting and sent in this snapshot to mark the occasion!



CAMPFIRE #11 (March 1)

  • Festi-Guides Design Team – While the team is busy working on ways to get promote Guiding in our communities, here’s a little flashback to our campfire at Festi-Guides 2015 where we offered a ‘taste of Guiding’ in Dollard-des-Ormeaux.



CAMPFIRE #10 (February 29)

  • Camp Wa-Thik-Ane 90th Anniversary Event Task Group – These are a few of the dedicated members who are making it all happen! Their theme song? “Rise ‘n’ Shine” – GGC style! Stay tuned for details on formal 90th anniversary celebrations.



CAMPFIRE #9 (February 28)

  • Lennoxville District Winter Camp – Along with Girl Guides from Quebec City, these campers huddled by the campfire and sang a beautiful piece of Canadiana – “Walk Around”.

CAMPFIRE #8 (February 27)

  • District Commissioners and Provincial Advisers kicked off their meeting with a round of “Tall Trees”.


CAMPFIRE #7 (February 26)

  • St-Bruno District sent us this great video of their ‘campfire’, where they sang “This Little Guiding Light of Mine”.


CAMPFIRE #6 (February 25)

  • Ormstown Sparks, Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders joined together to sing “It’s a Small Word” to mark Day 6 of 90 Days of Campfires for Wa-Thik-Ane.


CAMPFIRE #5 (February 24)

  • Lakeshore District gathered for Thinking Day celebrations and shared some of their favourite campfire tunes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


CAMPFIRE #4 (February 23)

  • Pincourt District


CAMPFIRE #3 (February 22)

  • It was a full house at Valois-Dorval District‘s Thinking Day celebration. They shared a rendition of the classic “Land of the Silver Birch”.


CAMPFIRE #2 (February 21)

  • Hayes-Apple Valley District: This morning, Girl Guides in Huntingdon connected with their community as they gathered at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church to celebrate World Thinking Day with the local Scouting groups and members of the community at large. During the service, those present sang together two campfire classics – “Peace Like a River” and “Deep and Wide”. (Click the song titles or the image below to watch!)



CAMPFIRE #1 (February 20)

  • 90 Days of Campfires kicked off at the Brownie Connect Carnaval – a Thinking Day celebration where Brownies from across the province connected with Twinning partners in Perú! The Twinning mascot is Fred the Moose – so what better song to sing than “The Moose Song”!


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