Our Guiding Family – Pointe-Claire District

It is not enough to acknowledge that Pointe-Claire District is one big family; you have to celebrate how they continue to make Guiding a greaClaire_Brittany_OGFt experience.

Claire Morier and Brittany Batten
District Commissioners

For Claire Morier and Brittany Batten, it all began when they took on the roles of Commissioner for Pointe-Claire District, where it all comes together! Through mutual respect, self-knowledge and innovative ideas, these ladies share a common interest coupled with an openness to be creative, flexible and listen.

About Claire:Claire_Brittany_2
Claire loves baking and trying new recipes.  She is a big reader so when she is not baking, she is usually enjoying a cup of tea and a good book.  Claire would love the opportunity to take part in an international trip with Guiding, as she has never been on one.

About Brittany:
Brittany is a nature lover and spends as much time as she can outdoors.  Besides camping, she enjoys golf and biking.  You will also find her snowboarding and snowshoeing.  She also loves cooking, which she finds therapeutic.

These young ladies are shown here at one of our Provincial Events “A Taste of Guiding” which took place last May.  They ran a minute-to-win-it station

Their go-to resource:
As a teacher, Guider and Co-Commissioner, much of Brittany’s inspiration comes from her peers.  Within Guiding, she incorporates a lot of the girls’ interests in meeting activities.

As a Guider and Co-Commissioner, Claire is very approachable and is at ease sharing her experiences with everyone she crosses within Guiding. Both of them agree that their main go-to resources are other experienced Guiders.  Claire also admitted spending too much time online and, like most of us, Brittany loves Pinterest!

A Eureka moment as District Commissioner:
Leading their first district meeting, Claire realized the magnitude of their responsibilities and felt that providing direction, order and the right motivation was intimidating but also an chance to communicate great Guiding.  She was relieved by attending District Commissioner meetings and listening to more experienced DCs.  There is so much support available if you know the right places to look.

Best activity with Guiders:
While Brittany has been an avid camper ever since she was a little girl, one of her best activities would include any camp whether with her unit or as a District.  Whenever Claire has a chance to socialize outside of the district and unit meetings, she feels it is nice getting to know Guiders outside of a strictly Guiding context.

The biggest undertaking as District Commissioner:
“Implementing some new district events and initiatives as well as straying from what we have always done.”

It was mutual: “LISTEN”.  It is important to be creative, be flexible and delegate.  There are so many good ideas out there and often from unexpected places.  You never know what you might hear that will generate the next great unit meeting, district camp theme or the insight you need to resolve a conflict.

Your Guiding Mantra:
Brittany:  “It’s okay to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!” – Miss Frizzle

Claire:  “As long as the girls are having fun” is something Claire finds herself repeating quite often.  Even if all your careful planning went out the window five minutes into the meeting, if the girls are engaged in doing something meaningful, in the end, it doesn’t matter whether everything went according to plan.

At District Meetings, you will find:
A lot of talking and sharing of ideas.  The Guiders in our district do a great job informing each other of various resources, events and activities in our community.  There is also an endless supply of tea, coffee and cookies!

Now is a good time to:
Try new things!  Communities are changing and it is important that Girl Guides reflects that.  Modifying our program and activities while still staying true to Guiding can be done! It’s also time to recover from a busy start of a new Guiding year, take stock and start organizing again.

Pointe-Claire’s celebratory moments; the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up was a big success as well as a recent Fall Carnival hosted by the Pathfinders fundraising for GM2016.  A Skytag outing is planned to take place in a few weeks, which will be a blast for both girls and Guiders alike.  Pointe-Claire District is looking forward to hosting the upcoming Girl Awards Recognition Ceremony taking place November 22.  The planning is in the works and they have come up with a great theme!  Pointe-Claire is proud to have two of their own girls recognized for earning the Canada Cord and one being recognized for receiving the Fortitude Award.  Congratulations!

Pointe-Claire’s Pathfinders and Rangers have been working hard in organizing wonderful fundraising events for Guiding Mosaic 2016.  What an opportunity!  Watch for their upcoming fundraiser at Chapters in Pointe-Claire on November 18 at 5 pm, and a holiday dinner in December.

Share your inner star:
When these two ladies come together, they bring out something new in each other.  Thank you ladies for sharing your inner stars!

A condensed version of this interview first appeared in the November Piccolo newsletter. The Our Guiding Family interviews are created by DC Support Specialist Elaine Keeble. Get in touch with her at dc.ca-support(@)guidesquebec.ca.

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