Our Guiding Family – Hayes-Apple Valley


Gladys McCaig
District Commissioner

Leadership is a big part in the role of District Commissioner, and engaging Guiders on all levels is how District Commissioners get the best out of their volunteers. Gladys has been key in keeping Hayes-Apple Valley thrive through challenges and change. She understands and cares very much for the ladies and girls in her district. If you attend a district meeting, you will certainly share a few laughs. Gladys can kick-start any idea as long as it is fun for the girls!

Her go-to resource(s)
Provincial office, Dawn, Piccolo, Dropbox, Canadian Guider, Member Zone, girlguides.ca

Her Eureka moment as District Commissioner
Geez……I have done this before!

What she had to learn on the fly
Being DC second time around. Gladys was Commissioner from 1985 and 1990, and again from 2007 to the present.

Best activity with her Guiders
BBQ in the summer, an Ottawa trip and most of all CAMPS!

The biggest undertaking as District Commissioner
Rallying Guiders to attend district meetings to share ideas and express their creative abilities.

“Always listen to your Guiders”

At District Meetings, you will find
Different ideas and voices and laughter.

Now is a good time to
Get to know different leaders and District Commissioners ☺

We would like her to know
 That she has helped shape Girl Guides in the communities around her and has done so with passion and a strong sense of purpose. We are thrilled that she travels to Montréal to join us on DC days. Thank you Gladys!

This interview first appeared in the May Piccolo newsletter. The Our Guiding Family interviews are created by DC Support Specialist Elaine Keeble. Get in touch with her at dc.ca-support(@)guidesquebec.ca.

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