Our Guiding Family! Anne Girard

District Commissioner since June, 2014

Annie Girard is the District Commissioner of Des Montérégiennes

DC Annie Girard

Annie with PC Valerie and the first two girls to register for 2015-2016, Kassandra and Claire!

érégiennes district. When Annie applied for this provincial position, she felt this was where she needed to be to make a difference in her district. Taking on this position, she is

  • Developing new skills while sharpening her leadership and management skills!
  • Expanding her horizons, gaining valuable experience working with Guiders in her geographically wide spread district, and exploring new membership options to make a difference in the girls’ lives.
  • Getting more involved in the community!

We would like to salute Annie for all her hard work. As a new District Commissioner, we asked her to tell us all about her new role and share some tips.

Her go-to resource
Ingrid Hamel (past DC) and Elaine Keeble

Her Eureka moment as District Commissioner
Participating at the Provincial level.

What she had to learn on the fly
How to hold a District meeting.

Best activity with her Guiders
Holiday pot-luck! The best!

The biggest undertaking as District Commissioner
The role of District Commissioner.

“Listen to everyone”

Annie’s Guiding mantra

At District Meetings, you will find
Tea, smiles and friendships.

Now is a good time to
Make new friends

We would like her to know: That her hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated and that she is an asset to Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada. She has good knowledge and understanding of management and organization. We would also like her to know that we love her warm smile! ☺

This interview first appeared in the April Piccolo newsletter. The Our Guiding Family interviews are created by DC Support Specialist Elaine Keeble. Get in touch with her at dc.ca-support(@)guidesquebec.ca.

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