WWWTA – Week 3 – Flying up and away during Adventure Week

Sunday brought our Adventure campers to site and along with them a few big storms. The evening found us together in the marquee singing in a circle of benches with hot chocolate, chicken noodle soup or camp soup (chicken noodle and vegetable accidently mixed together) with crackers. Katie and Leah even treated us to some guitar playing to accompany our singing.

Monday morning began with learning to make outdoor cooking racks, laundry racks and shelters. Then the hot weather brought us down to the beach for boat lake swim, boating and swim time.

Tuesday was our first out-trip and with new physical and weather challenges. We boarded the bus and headed out to Tyroparc under cloudy skies. The adventures of Ferrata which is traversing a rock face and ziplining awaited us on arrival. However, once geared up and on the practice wall, the sky darkened and our departure was delayed with some thunderstorms. With patience and good conversation we passed the time and then the sky lightened and we were on our way!

The Ferrata was a challenge for some campers and leaders but they were willing to give it a try- which is what Adventure Week is all about.  Leah, a Pathfinder camper, said going down the zipline was one of the best adventures in her life to date, and that is even after coming home from a trip to China! Pauline, one of my co-Guiders said she was so proud of herself for completing both activities that she was afraid to do at the start of the day, even after her rescue from the zipline when she didn’t quite make it to the other end.

Our afternoon activities were delayed once again by another series of thunderstorms but after a quick call to the bus company and some willing guides to stay and work a little later, we managed to all get a chance to climb up and fly!

Until tomorrow …….Super Eagle signing off

Text and photos by Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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1 Response to WWWTA – Week 3 – Flying up and away during Adventure Week

  1. Yvan Fraser says:

    Hi, This message is for Johanne C., just wanna thank you and the team again for another awesome week at the Wa-Thik-Ane GG camp ! By the way, I thought I recognized our daughter, Allyson, on the second pic. and as she did confirm it was indeed her. So just wanted to thank-you for the pics ’cause she is also claims she’s the one in white on the 1st pic too !! Although we thought she was still a GG I guess like Gena (2nd pic) they’ll both be officially considered Pathfinders in September. Thanks so much 😉 Take care !! Lynn Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 13:53:23 +0000 To: yvan_fraser@hotmail.com

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