WWWTA – Week 2- Keeping cool and a special visitor!

A hot day and a great day to be at the lake! We started our morning with our wake up morning dip and the Guides continued their day at waterfront after breakfast with boating and swimming. Just before lunch we had the Boat Swim challenge – 24 girls jumped in groups of four at a time and 24 girls finished. Wa-Thik-Ane Boat Swim has a new record! Thank you to an amazing waterfront team and great volunteers who jumped in the water to help supervise and cheer these determined young ladies on.

Late morning brought a visitor to the camp, Valerie Zaloum, our Provincial Commissioner. She managed to see all the girls and many of them for the first time so they received her crest. Just before leaving the camp for the day, she taught the Brownie leaders a new version of ‘Peel Peel Banana’ which she learned at the National AGM in Newfoundland this year and they passed it along at campfire to the rest of us. Valerie does an excellent job at the “flipped cow”, much better than we could do at campfire. Ask her to teach you her Newfoundland song the next time you see her.

Afternoon brought the Brownies and Pathfinders down for some boating and swimming while Guides continued with some amazing site activities. The main objective was to make sure we all stayed hydrated today and there are some creative ways to do that from toasting with our water bottles, to saying “sip time”.

Another great day ended with a campfire all together at the central campfire site. We even had the luxury of some young talent as Leah led us with her guitar for a few songs. And who would have thought that the hit song from Frozen made it all the way to the Wa-Thik-Ane campfire and I am sorry to say that this old camper couldn’t sing along to that one!

Until tomorrow…….Super Eagle signing off

Text and photos by Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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