WWWTA – Day 5 – Searching for Marshmallows and Sleeping under the Stars

The Brownies visited the entire camp area this morning on their search for the missing marshmallows. There was many a detective running around with their badge and spy glasses searching out clues to track down the missing marshmallows. I suggested that maybe it was a four legged camp buddy with a mask, named Raccoon that borrowed them for his campfire. I was quickly informed by these experienced Girl Guides that whoever took them left a note and raccoons cannot write so it was not a raccoon!

The Guides enjoyed a paddle to Blueberry Island where they had their snack and were able to go swimming off the rock before paddling back. The neighbours know we are here as the paddling songs to keep time are sung across the water.

The afternoon brought a fun experience for the Guides: tie-dying t-shirts! We will have some interesting designs and it was all done with natural plant/food dyes.

In the evening we shared in some great singing again last night together at central campfire. Pathfinders, Madison, Rebecca, Zoe, Emma and Raphaelle led us in some familiar songs to end another great day.

As I visited the Brownie site to say good night I arrived to a bunch of very busy and excited Brownies laying out their bedrolls on the in preparation to sleep under the stars. What a great way to spend their last night at camp!

Until tomorrow…..Super Eagle signing off.

Text and photos by Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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