WWWTA- Day 4- Regatta Day, Short Lake Swim and the Mystery Lifejacket Jump

Morning dip was a little chilly today but nevertheless a great way to wake up! The place to be at Wa-Thik-Ane today was the waterfront. It began with morning dip and then at 11 a.m. we had the Short Lake Swim for Guides and Pathfinders. Short lake is another challenge crest the campers can do from Guide age up. Girls must swim across the lake to the closest shore line, touch the row boat which is floating there and swim back to the dock, which is approximately 350 meters. It is a big challenge for many of the campers and amazing to watch them swim with everything they have. Some may need a little help the first time they attempt it and finish the swim with a life jacket but then they have tested the waters and always have next year to do it without a jacket. This year we had 16 Guides jump in for the swim and 16 Guides complete the challenge. Way to go girls!

Photos by Jo Povall Lunch was cook-your-own hot dogs and both the Brownies and Guides cooked their hot dogs in milk cartons. It is a great way to do it and they always taste better roasted than boiled in a pot. After lunch it was back to waterfront for our big camp Regatta day. Water games, more water games and lots of smiles and laughter with sunshine was the perfect recipe for a successful water regatta day! The campers had an afternoon full of water fun with everything from “Mystery Lifejacket Jump” which allowed the girls to jump from the diving board or platform in a life jacket and execute a specific style jump called out by Coral at the last second, to soaking each other with wet sponges. There was even a jumbo Freezie station to quench our thirst and appetite. Until tomorrow….Super Eagle signing off. Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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2 Responses to WWWTA- Day 4- Regatta Day, Short Lake Swim and the Mystery Lifejacket Jump

  1. Claudia says:

    Sounds like fun i can not wait for sunday because i am coming for the one week camp for guides.I am super exited for it.see ya there!!!😜

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