WWWTA- Day 3 – Fun in the sun all over camp!

It was a busy day with the Wee campers leaving today and the Brownie campers arriving. The Wee campers certainly were busy over their three days as they swam, boated, hiked to the bluff to see the sun rise and participated in a great scavenger hunt which took them all over the camp! Before they departed, they were lucky enough to take the Fairy Walk and spot some fairies and gnomes.


Guides cooking their lunch on buddy burners!

Guides challenged themselves to a pioneer day yesterday with no electricity. Well done ladies and a tip of the hat to their quartermaster Heather for keeping the wood stove going and making an awesome fire for their foil dinners. She told me she now knows the reason they had summer kitchens back in the pioneer days as any breeze or air movement was welcome. The campers made their breakfast and lunch on buddy burners. Dinner was wrapped in foil and cooked on the coals of a great fire. Bees and bee keeping, candle making and a great scavenger hunt throughout the camp was just some of the buzz I heard as they passed me on the road throughout the day. Well done ladies!

Brownies arrived and settled in to their campsite. When they came down to the waterfront for swim tests, they all had their secret service badges as they begin their Spy Camp…more to come when I figure out this mystery.

Mother Nature was kind to us yesterday she only gave us a 5 minute shower during the daylight hours. Thank you for holding off until after bedtime rain.

Today is our water regatta day and we are off to a great start with sunny skies.

Until tomorrow….Super Eagle signing off.

Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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