WWWTA- Day 2- Morning Dip, Boat Swim and other waterfront fun!

From the desk of Super Eagle: 

I rose to the sound of the lifeguards opening the waterfront for morning dip and quickly put my bathing suit on. One of our challenges at camp is a morning dip challenge that all campers can earn by taking two morning dips if you are a Spark, three if you are a Brownie through to Leaders. Complete your two/three morning dips, which consist of entering the lake at 7 am to your neck, and you have earned your Morning Dip crest. A great way to wake up and we all love crests!

After dip everyone hustled off to their sites to make a delicious breakfast and start their day. Waterfront is always one of the busiest places at summer camp and I was privileged to see another great moment in Guiding when one young camper was struggling with completing her boat swim. Brownie aged girls and older can swim out to the rowboat and back to earn their boat swim crest. Yesterday, as several campers were taking part in the challenge, one was left in the water feeling she could not complete it. Then, within a moment, the dock was full of campers and leaders chanting “You can do it!”  and encouraging her by shouting out her name. She completed it to a roaring sound of applause from all watching!

Singsong at Wa-Thik-Ane

Smiles and singing from our campfire on day 2!

Wa-Thik-Ane News is a new entry to the blog this year and I hope to do a few interviews per day!

News from the Guide site:

Super Eagle: Hello Ladies, how was your first full day of camp today?

Abby: It was good. We made jam.

Super Eagle: Was it good?

Abby: I don’t know, we are waiting for it to finish to taste it. I also got to read my book.

Super Eagle: Anna Maria, do you have something to add?

Anna Maria: Yes, camp is a great way to make new friends. Each challenge I try in a group, I make new friends by trying to work on something together.

News from the Pathfinders site:

Emma, Madison, Zoe, Rebecca and Rachel with their leaders Esther and Pip shared some fun and adventurous moments on a boat hike to Blueberry Island.

Super Eagle: So, I hear you had an adventure on your boat hike today. Tell me more.

Pathfinders: So, one canoe tipped (the one with the leaders) which happened to be the canoe with the lunch cooler in it (soft bag cooler); our bread was soggy, an ant crawled on some of the cheese and one of us dropped the cucumbers in the water. Esther said they giggled their way through it and now have a story to share!

Day Two ended with central campfire and some great singing! Until tomorrow….. Super Eagle signing off

Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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