Learning the Lost Art of Needlework

The 4th Beacon Hill Guides from Lakeshore District recently learned the lost art of needlework! We were surprised at how few of the girls knew how to sew a button, darn a sock, follow a pattern, thread a needle & tie a knot at the end of the thread. So, we took on a slightly bigger sewing project & made sock monkeys!  The process took us three whole meetings and lots of extra help from moms and Guiders, but in the end everyone had a very cute stuffed sock monkey and loads of pride that comes with practice and the knowledge of how to sew something.

Here are some of the Guide’s comments as we sewed:  “Is this how surgeons stitch you up when you have an operation? Do they follow a pattern too?” “Oh no, my sock monkey is spilling its guts – quick help me hold it so that I can stitch it up!  Emergency surgery needed!” “Look at that – the needle is stuck in the skin of my thumb & I don’t even feel it.” “I need more stuffing so that my monkey has a big belly!” “After the button eyes, I gave my monkey a heart-button.” “My needle ran away again.” “I hate sewing – isn’t there a faster way instead of using a needle?” “But I love my sock monkey! And I made it myself!” “Can I make another one for my friend?”

At the start of the next Guiding year the girls will decide if they want to start an ongoing service project of making and donating Sock Monkeys to an organization for children.  Now that they are experts, they will be able to teach the 1st year Guides!

By Wendy Hauck, Lakeshore District Commussioner & Donna Wimmer, 4th Beacon Hill Guider

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