Our unit meeting turned into a community project!

On January 19th the 1st Pincourt Guides met with Kanchan Quinlan, an architectural designer from the town of Pincourt. Kanchan was invited to come and share her knowledge and information on what she does as an architectural designer. Both Kanchen and I were excited about her visit to the unit and we planned ahead with both of us thinking that we wanted it to be hands on for the girls.Pincourt_micro_libraries     Kanchen was the ultimate visitor and held the girls attention from start to finish. She explained about her career for a short introduction and then began exercises in basic geometric shapes with the girls for building. She then gave them a printout of different materials for building a micro-library. Then, the introduction of the night’s project, a design on paper of a micro library. They were divided into groups of four and given maps of four different areas of the town of Pincourt with a photo of a park or nature area. Each example would be a possible location of a micro library. Next, they drew their ideas out on paper.

What is a micro library you ask? It is a fixture of any sort that is designed to hold books. Micro libraries appear across the community and operate on the honour system of borrowing or taking a book that interests you and you can also leave a book behind for someone else. They can appear as old telephone booths filled with books, an old pickup truck, or simple book cases enclosed. The night continued with the girls choosing one idea from paper or a combination of ideas and building a 3D model of their micro library. Their ideas were amazing and enthusiastic! Photos were taken of all the drawings and 3D models and sadly the evening came to an end. Two months down the road, a proposal has been put together by the architect and submitted to the town of Pincourt. It’s now up to the architectural designer and the Girl Guides to build a micro library. The Guide unit will be responsible for checking and maintaining the micro library once it is built. We received approval from the city this week and are very excited to follow through with our project and have it actually come to life! Next stop, meeting with the architect at the park to get a feel for our space and discuss the building ideas.

Launching June 6th – the micro-libraries project Word to Word – Mot à Mot is launching June 6th at Trotter Park in Pincourt. All are welcome! Read the Media Advisory here.

Joanne and two Guides Hana and Alicia spoke to CBC Radio’s All in a Weekend June 6th, about their project.


Joanne Cardinal, 1st Pincourt Guides

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