Winter skating, sledding and smiles!

On the 14th of January we braved the cold and went outside for “Parent and Brownie Winter Fun Night”. Both Brownies and parents earned badges! Our aim was to complete part of our Key to Active Living,  and earn the Swim! Skate! badge and the Winter is Great! badge. We decided that both parents and Brownies attending should earn a Winter Time fun patch, for dedication to their Brownie daughters, and being willing to brave the cold (-21°C)! We met at Parc Charbonneau, and after looking at the weather forecast I asked if people could bring Hot Chocolate to share!

Click on the photo to see a larger version. 

Each girl was given a sheet telling them to have fun, to go skating and tobogganing, plus they were given the task to help show an Owl, a parent or another Brownie a new thing. The girls had so much fun, both the Brownies and the parents were sledding and skating. They even got Brown Owl on the ice attempting to skate (though no camera wanted to take a picture of it!) The Brownies all had lots of fun and everyone went home really happy. It was a great night!

The Hot Chocolate in the Cabana was very welcome at the end of the night. Rosemere was brilliant at allowing us to use their floodlight Parc faculties and they even had a dedicated attendant on location. Each and every girl went home with a smile.

The girls took their sheets home to finish the badges by planning their perfect skate party and getting an adult to sign that they know how to store and look after their winter equipment.

By Jo Povall, Brown Owl with the 1st Northern Lights Brownies

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