“Fall Fun” So Reads the Crest

Our recent-ish Bring-a-Friend Meeting was all about preparing for an afternoon hike at Mont-Bellevue Park in the centre of Sherbrooke. As the weather was getting colder, I thought it best we discuss appropriate winter clothes right away. So we did a couple of experiments looking at different fabrics when whet then discussed what to pack for an afternoon hike. Knowing what to wear and what to bring, the girls all headed home with an information sheet and invited friends also took a sweet swag bag!

And then Saturday arrived, cold, white and bright!

Fun photo op with the city in the background lit by the setting sun.

Fun photo op with the city in the background lit by the setting sun.

These girls are Guides (and second-year Brownies), so we let them be just that, our Guides! Maps, compasses, a few explanations and helping hands, and we soon set off in a bearing that all agreed on. After encountering obstacles and following a trail around a cliff,  we set our course for the cross at the top of Mont-Bellevue. The map was all the girls needed this time and we soon reached our destination as the sun was starting to set. We took a well-deserved break, and ate some curious trail mix (dried mango was a big hit with all but one, while plantain chips were surprising!) and prepared a hot drink.

Before setting off on our hike, we split up the group equipment so that no one person had to carry everything. Now, we brought it all together to make hot spiced cider. It was wonderful to have a hot drink on that freezing day! Since we stopped walking, some fingers and toes started cooling down; again, we were prepared and broke out the hand warmers!

Our bodies satisfied (there was a bathroom break, too), we headed back into the woods to find a shelter we had found earlier, adding branches to the structure, after reviewing the clove hitch and square lashing! We had time to add few branches before it was time to head back to the parking lot to meet the parents. We took one last photo of our additions to this shelter and made our way down the hill.

Cord + branches + skilled hands = shelter.

Cord + branches + skilled hands = shelter.

After returning all the group gear, the girls received a crest for participating in this afternoon hike. It read: Fall Fun. Perhaps Winter Fun would have been more appropriate… Either way, it was a great day in the great outdoors!





By Guest Blogger Esther Keller. This post is an abridged version of an entry originally shared on the 1st Lennoxville Guides Blog by Esther Keller. 

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