Twirl – a Small Spin

Just as the journey of a thousand kilometres starts with a single step, sometimes an entire meeting grows from a single idea. Last summer I found a box of small spoons at the dollar store, and started piecing together a meeting focused on miniature or small things.

twirl-small-spinI often like to schedule a fun meeting or party at the beginning of the Guiding year. It emphasizes that Girl Guides is fun, provides an opportunity to get to know the girls that are new to the unit and this year was our inaugural Spin. With a theme, meeting date, and a box of plastic spoons as my arsenal, I set about planning a meeting.

Shortly after opening songs, we discussed all kinds of small things that we see, use or know of. Ideas included ladybugs, jewellery, LEGO, baby clothes, toy cars, microorganisms, cells, espresso cups and travel toiletries. Next, we ran some relay races and played a few games. The highlight of the meeting was bobbing for mini doughnuts.

A natural way to incorporate the spoons into twirl-small-spin2the meeting was to have a snack (I thought of applesauce but a Brownie requested ice cream, so girls had a choice). To finish off the meeting, we made some camp hat crafts which were small and fit the theme perfectly. We made clothespin airplanes, miniature ice cream cones and miniature cleaning brushes.

One of my favourite things about the Quebec Spin Challenge is that it can be incorporated into so many different meetings. It’s very flexible, so spin away.

The Spin: QCSpinner-fullimage_260

Red circle: Explore

Green circle: Unit

Brown circle: Blog it!

Pink circle: Entertainment


By Guest Blogger Jill Ainsworth. Jill is a Spark and Brownie Guider in Westmount. When she’s not in uniform, she’s pursuing a PhD in Biostatistics at McGill University.

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