Fall Gourmet Cooking Camp!

The weatherman was calling for a blustery rainy weekend but the Northern Lights Pathfinders had planned their fall gourmet cooking camp for the first weekend in October and a little wet weather was not going to dampen their spirits.


The girls arrived on Friday night ready for their outdoor cooking adventure. Saturday morning they built their box oven and although they looked a little skeptical about its performance potential they were game to give it a try. We talked about methods for outdoor cooking and the changes that would be necessary considering the pouring rain. We are Girl Guides, the ability to adapt was never in question. The fact that we had a kitchen shelter also helped.

By the end of the weekendIMG_1432x the 12 Pathfinders had cooked in a box oven, reflector oven, stove pipe (tin can stove), Coleman stoves, and buddy burners. They made things like; angels in a blanket, cinnamon rolls in oranges, stir fry, pancakes, chicken burgers, fruit pizza, hash browns and much more. The leaders were very impressed and the girls were very proud.

IMG_1464xFall camp can be a little stressful to plan. It is early in the year and there is so much going on but if you are able to put it together the benefits are numerous. It is a great bonding experience for the girls, many of whom are new to the unit. It is a great opportunity for the leaders to get to know the girls and for the girls to build skills and confidence that will serve them well.


IMG_1473xFor more information on organizing a fall camp I would recommend Heather Martin’s article in the Fall 2014 issue of Canadian Guider. It will definitely put you on the right track. Our unit had a blast at fall gourmet cooking camp and they are already planning their meals for the next one.









By Guest Blogger Joanne Millette. Joanne is a Guider with the 1st Northern Lights Pathfinder Unit and is also our Provincial Training Adviser. If you have some photos or stories to share about what you’re doing with your unit or district, please send us an email at communications@guidesquebec.ca.

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