Mille-Îles Girl Guides join forces to give back to the community!

Girl Guides around Quebec and across Canada have been participating in the TD Tree Days program. Find out from this guest blogger what it meant to take part with her community on the shores of the Rivière des Mille-Îles:

Hello, my name is Catherine and I am a second year Pathfinder. On September 14, Guides, Sparks, Brownies, Pathfinders and many leaders planted trees. Don’t worry – we didn’t forget about you, JJ, you were a big help.

This is the second year that the Mille-Iles Girl Guide District helped plant trees. We started at 9am – quite an early morning for some (me) but was worth it. We planted different kinds of trees and bushes.

I think I speak for all the girls and leaders when I say that it was truly an amusing Sunday morning with finding worms and all kinds of bugs (I didn’t enjoy the bug part) and the rocks under the ground were quite difficult to work around but we are Girl Guides for a reason and we worked around them.

I wanted to help plant trees with the Girl Guides because I like to help my community and environment. My favorite part of the day and I hope the other girls enjoyed this too; it was being around all the younger girls. They are so kind and they are amazing to be around. We won’t forget the big worm that Trinity found or the huge rock that Sparkle found in the ground. We won’t ever forget the worm I had to pretend to eat (yuck).

The wagon that I had to pull with three people on it – that was very tiring. I can guarantee you after the tree planting I took a well-deserved nap. Planting 300 trees is quite a tiring job.

The Girl Guides wanted to go plant trees because helping our community is part of our job. We love to help people; we do a lot of community service all year round. Girl Guides weren’t the only ones that helped plant trees though there were lots of people from the community also. In conclusion it was a very fun day with the worms and bugs but most of all the girls.

By Guest Blogger Catherine Gagnon. Catherine is a Pathfinder with the 1st Argenteuil Pathfinder Unit. If you have some photos or stories to share about what you’re doing with your unit or district, please send us an email at

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