And off we go! Exploring and discovering in Quebec City

The following blog was originally posted on Life as a Girl Guide.

After many months of preparation, the 1st Lennoxville Pathfinder Unit and the selected Guides were off to Quebec City for camping, sightseeing and learning a bit about our history. Oh! Did I mention the Beaver Tail eating?

QC aquarium Friday evening saw us grocery shopping and getting ready for the long weekend ahead. We woke up to a very rainy morning, packed up and headed off on a long drive. Our first stop in Quebec City was the aquarium, where Bubbles got a kiss from a friendly walrus… Where we watched a polar bear swim… And where we got to touch starfish, anemone, urchins and sting rays!Setting up camp

Very thankful that the rain stopped at lunchtime, we set up our campsite securely, just in case the rain and wind started up again. And since we still had so much daylight left…

We headed over to the Montmorency Falls, took the cable car up and walked across the suspended bridge!

As you may be able to tell if you have already been there, the water level was unusually high. In fact, it was a new record; no wonder the stairs were closed! So we posed in a tree instead!Chutes de Montmorency

Chutes de Montmorency P5175716And stopped for a little shopping/playing to spend a bit of our pent up energy. The see-saw contraption was a big favourite among the Guides (and their Guider, wink wink), whereas Pathfinders preferred a bit of independent shopping.

QC City

Here we are by the fountain in front of the Parliament building.

We woke up early on Sunday morning, ready for a day of exploration in the Old City. As you can see, our worries about unfavourable weather were completely unnecessary!

Read more about their walking tour and see more photos here.

The rest of our day included a guided tour of the Morin Centre, which is basically the old prison turned into a college, the first to admit women in Quebec, turned into a library. This was followed by a photo scavenger hunt and quiz. Here are a few photos from my team, the Heffalumps. Oops! I mean Snuffleupaguses. P5185754

It’s a good thing that our next stop was the oldest house in the province, that has been turned into Aux Anciens Canadiens, a very fine restaurant. We all got dressed up and enjoyed good meal!

P5185782Though we had already done much that day, it was not over yet: our last activity was a ghost walk through Old Quebec. We heard tales of horror, death and ghosts, as well as some very strange facts that might not be mere coincidence after all…

Oh my! Did we sleep well that night!

We woke up to another beautiful day, our last. Breakfast, break camp, load it all up and off we went! Where to? To that shopping centre, the one with the amusement park inside… Galeries de la Capitale. The roller coaster was brilliant! We finished our visit to Quebec City with one last stop in Old Quebec for some souvenir shopping and refreshment.

And back home we went.

I am very grateful to have been asked to accompany the girls on this fantastic trip; I think I can say that we all had a wonderful time! Of course, we would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible!


By Guest Blogger Esther Keller. Esther is a Guider with the 1st Lennoxville Guide Unit. This is an edited version of the blog post on Esther’s own blog where she shares her Guiding experience regularly. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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