Thinking Day Around the World

To celebrate World Thinking Day 2014, the 1st Montreal Sparks and 9th Montreal Brownies took a pretend trip to the World Centres.

Thinking Day is one of my favourite days of the year. I’m always looking for an excuse to talk about Girl Guides and what a wonderful organization it is. Every year I want to find some fantastic way to share this special day with the girls in my Girl Guide unit. This year, we went on an adventure to the four World Centres.

We started off the evening with a participation story to remind the girls about the four World Centres. Then we distributed our Thinking Day passports and started off. Before leaving or entering each country, girls had to stop at the passport office (a table with the globe on it) and receive a sticker to put on the appropriate page. Once everyone was seated on the “plane” (some chair set up in rows), our amazing captain introduced each country from the flight deck.


After landing and going through the passport office, the girls were welcomed by an ambassador who provided information about each of the World Centres. Then we played a game or did a craft from that country. We even visited Africa to talk about the fifth World Centre pilot project.

After all of that travel, girls shared which World Centre they would like to visit and had the option to write a travel journal in one page of their passport. The meeting ended with  badge distribution (this was our third spin in the Québec Spin challenge) and our flight attendant handed out pink mints to all of the girls.

Guiding is more than just what happens in an hour and a half on Tuesday nights. This year we have worked hard to incorporate activities and games from all over the world. Other ways we have included the international theme have been the Zoe’s Trek Around the World challenge (all six of them), a party for UN Day, and our Olympic themed sleepover.

By Guest Blogger Jill Ainsworth. Jill has been a Girl Guide leader for over 10 years and currently works with Sparks and Brownies in Westmount. When she’s not in uniform, she is pursuing a PhD in Biostatistics at McGill University. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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