Spinning the Olympics for the Québec Spin Challenge!

January 24-26, 2014 saw over 90 girls, volunteer leaders and a few moms from the Valois-Dorval District participate in winter fun at an Olympic themed winter camp at Centre Notre Dame de Fatima in Ile Perrot. The Rangers and Guides earned their QCSpinner-fullimage_260Québec Spin Challenge award for Taking the Lead in organizing this district camp where we learned, were entertained and shared in the sisterhood of Guiding.

Friday night we checked into our “Olympic Village” and gathered in our “Guiding Olympic Stadium” for the opening ceremonies. The highlight of our ceremony was a video created by the Rangers showing our Guiding torch leaving our various unit meeting places followed by a Ranger arriving at the stadium to lead the parade of Guiding athletes holding the flags high of their respective Guiding-inspired countries!

All units countries were present! Sparka and Momgolia, North and South Brownania, East and West Republics of Guides, Pathganistan, and the United Rangers of America. New Leaderland was present as judges!

Valois-Dorval Winter CampSaturday morning, the girls warmed up and practiced their techniques in a round-robin of winter activities. There was curling with homemade stones, snowshoeing, games to update their Olympic knowledge, and luging (inner tubing).

Later that afternoon the Guiding Olympic Games were held. Teams competed in an outdoor relay race, javelin toss, discus and final competitions on the popular “luge” run.

Evening program saw our Rangers lead the girls in a fun Jeopardy-themed Olympic game followed by a Pathfinder-led campfire where athletes from each country did an Olympic-themed skit.

In an effort to share Guiding with the world, the district undertook to make news regarding the Olympics! Valois and Strathmore Guides tied together the theme of sports, encouragement and sharing in the spirit of the Olympics with our Guiding values, Promise and Law during Guide’s Own reflection time. Our camp crest, designed by one of the Rangers, was transformed into a 4’ by 6’ banner which was signed, painted and videoed with good luck wishes for Team Canada!

Valois-Dorval-winter-camp-olympic-bannerThe Olympic rings in our crest represented the colors of all five branches of Guiding. A huge thank you goes out to Mrs. Miller and Rêve et Renovation in Dorval for supplying us with the canvas material.

It wouldn’t be an Olympic camp without closing ceremonies and medals were then presented to all our winning teams for athletic prowess, encouragement, respect and special shout-outs to those who helped others achieve their goals. Guiding members from WAGGGS countries around the world will learn about Valois-Dorval Girl Guides at Canada House in Sochi in 2014! Watch for our banner!

By Guest Bloggers Esther Szeben and Heather Martin. Esther is a Guider with the 1st Valois Brownies as well as the Valois-Dorval District PR Adviser. Heather is a Guider with the 1st Valois Guides. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at communications@guidesquebec.ca.

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