Strong is beautiful, too! Inspiration from the Montreal Blitz

On January 13, 2014, the 7th Ste-Genevieve Brownies hosted the Montreal Blitz women’s tackle football team at their unit meeting. The theme of the evening was – How do we get girls to stay in sports and what does it mean to be healthy and active? They played games and the girls even got to try on some equipment and learn how to tackle! We asked Tawny Owl Sharon Lamb a few questions to find out more…

What were the girls’ reactions to the visit? What was their favourite part?

They were really happy to have visitors! 6 players attended. The girls’ favourite part was when the players demonstrated how to tackle and how to practice hitting. You have to be safe and learn the proper ways so you don’t get hurt or hurt others.

When you asked ‘How do we get more girls to stay in sports?’, what kind of answers did you get? 

Girls should just stick to what they think is fun! You don’t need to be a professional athlete but it’s about being active and healthy. Girls of all shapes and sizes can find something that they like to do. Don’t get wrapped up in trying to be pretty and “not sweaty”. Strong is beautiful too! 

What are some tips to stay healthy and active?

Try many different sports or games so you can get an idea of what you enjoy doing. Tchoukball is a new sport that some schools are trying out and you never know but you might like it!

How did the activities tie in to program work?

This meeting was about the Key to Active Living and also the Key to Me – getting girls to realize they can make decisions about what they like and are good at. We also focused on the idea of being active for a lifetime not just during the summer…

Do you have any other sports or active living -themed meetings planned for
this year?

We are going sledding as soon as the weather improves a bit. Our chalet where we meet has a park, hills and playground so we are trying to get outside as much as possible.

I think the biggest impact for some girls was seeing a woman with an athletic build and not a model super skinny shape. Most of the players play using their strengths – running or passing or blocking. So there is a role for everyone on the team!

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Thank you to Sharon Lamb, Guider with the 13th Ste-Geneviève Brownies in Pierrefonds for telling us about this special meeting! If you would like to contribute something to our blog, please send us an email at

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