How One Falls in Love with Wa-Thik-Ane

How does one fall in love with Wa-Thik-Ane?

October 5 was the annual Wa-Thik-Ane Provincial Fall Day Camp. The day started off gray, ugly and far too early for a weekend for everybody boarding the bus at the parking lot. Most of the older girls (possibly including myself…) took the opportunity to catch some Zs… which was thwarted by the enthusiastic singing and cheering of the younger girls, all the way to Morin Heights.

The girls could not wait to get to camp and viciously shoved each other out of the way to get off the bus once we had arrived… I mean, enthusiastically shoved.

Within awta trees short time of being at camp, I realized the sky was clear blue and so beautiful compared to Dorval’s smog that morning. About 300 girls had showed up that day. I looked across the lake, expecting for it to be as nice as it had been last year’s fall day camp, and I was not disappointed. Basically, take any description of what nice trees look like in fall from any sappy novel and that’s what it looked like.


The first activity of the day was candy-eating. Well, I mean, the first REAL activity was capture the flag… We older girls were assigned to be the leaders and the girls followed our orders militarily. Girls were stationed along different hidings in the forest, camouflaging themselves and hiding under the leaves. After the first half hour, two of my friends and I decided to navigate enemy territory for the orange flag. We ran very fast but were captured within minutes of infiltrating the borders. To be fair, six year olds are actually very fast. (Have you seen them run?)

For lunch, we all cooked our own hotdogs, wtamarsmallowA trivia game was held and cookies were passed out.

The Guides and Pathfinders took a hike. Not that anyone was rude to them or anything; they just wanted to hike to the Bluff (cliff).

The Rangers re-painted the old camp lost and found box. We splatter-painted it actually, and now part of the forest is neon pink. I had so much fun whipping the paint at the box that my friends had to interfere.

Then we watched paint dry. No, that doesn’t mean we were bored or anything, we just needed to watch the box we painted dry.

Finally, it was my third favourite part of camp… CAMPFIRE! Old favourites like “Avoine, avoine”, “Herman the Worm” and “Barges” were sung. During the latter song, I looked across the lake through the flames and felt that same feeling I always feel during a good campfire… You can’t get that feeling anywhere else but in that exact situation, really.

Unfortunately, it was time to go home. I always hate leaving camp.

This time, on the bus back, the little ones were the ones who fell asleep, tuckered out after a long day, and the older girls chatted it up.

I wish everyone had somewhere like what Wa-Thik-Ane is to me.


Pile o’Rangers!

By Guest Blogger Katie M. Katie is a member of the Valois-Dorval Ranger Unit. Don’t forget to VOTE for Camp Wa-Thik-Ane in the Aviva Community Fund semi-finals! If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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