Recruitment and retention go hand in hand as Monklands District get back into Guiding at Wa-Thik-Ane

Monklands District held their first ever ‘Welcome Back to Guiding – Bring a Friend’ camp this past August 23-25.

The purpose of this camp was 3-fold: a retention activity especially for girls who love to camp, a recruitment activity and a great way for girls and Guiders to get into the swing of things for the new Guiding year.

View from the BluffWe were 3 Sparks, 8 Brownies, 15 Guides, 5 Pathfinders, 3 Rangers, 7 friends, 4 moms and 7 Guiders on 2 sites (Huron and Iroquois) at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane. While it was chilly at night, the weather during the day was absolutely perfect!

We hiked to the bluff, went Milk Carton Hot Dogsswimming and canoeing, cooked Guide Kiteshot dogs in milk cartons, ate banana boats, made new friends and made many magical memories.

As part of the GGC-NS Camp Challenge, the Sparks and Brownies made sundials and played compass games while the Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers made kites, which they tested out just before leaving camp on Sunday.

An August camp meant that Guiders had to give time to plan, organize and run a camp during their summer break from Girl Guides. But we all agree it was well worth it!

Special thanks and a ‘Tip of the Hat’ go out to Christine Downey and Christina Rene de Cotret for organizing such a great camp and more importantly for coming up with the idea to do an August ‘Bring a Friend’ camp to help increase membership.

As our units start up this week, we are eager to see if we managed to ‘hook’ all 7 friends and if they will register in the coming weeks.

By guest blogger Patricia Tellis. Patricia is a former District Commissioner for Monklands District and is currently Deputy Provincial Camping Adviser as well as a Guider with the 82nd Montreal Guiding Unit. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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2 Responses to Recruitment and retention go hand in hand as Monklands District get back into Guiding at Wa-Thik-Ane

  1. Christina Rene de Cotret says:

    So far one frind registered in 36th Montreal Brownies!!!!

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