Québec Spin: 1st Mount Bruno Pathfinders


1st Mount Bruno Pathfinders

Their Story…

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Sometimes it’s hard for Pathfinders to sell cookies. The 1st Mount Bruno Pathfinders decided to INVENT a new approach to cookie selling that was more Pathfinders style!

All that cheerleader/pom-pom worked for carwashes. Giant inflatable things got attention. Setting up where there was lots of traffic! Absolutely! Music blaring? No, wait, police. We need a mascot! Waddya mean there’s A GIANT COOKIE!!?? OMG!!

Cookie selling just got more interesting!

We approached the Saint-Bruno Tim Horton’s in the city centre. After a lot of explaining, the Tim’s owner was intrigued. A Cookie Drive-Thru was born!  Not on the Tim Horton line – too dangerous, and would interfere with TH traffic – but the parking lot facing was fair territory!

Pathfinders invited other branches to join them for the event. They made posters. It went on Facebook as an event, inviting friends and neighbours. The newspaper ran the item. The giant inflatable turned into a pretty big inflatable reindeer on a car roof, with a double sized trefoiled scarf, and sunflowers hiding the holly on its ears. No music – but the police stopped by anyhow – that’s what permits are for, after all! We even made a cookie run when the local bus broke down across the road! Kookie Karma!

The blog is coming and the album is full. Beyond the rather brisk sale of cookies that day (and glorious weather is a must!) girls and Guiders met many wonderful cookie clients, with daughters, with granddaughters, and with memories of Guiding past – and many who had no idea what we were! Apparently PR in our Community was an undeniable benefit on our event.

Thank you Valerie Zaloum!  

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