Québec Spin: 1st Lennoxville Guides

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Going back to chilly February for this refreshing story from:

Lennoxville and their District Winter Camp

Rachel, Michelle and Rashmini from 1st Lasalle Guides/Pathfinders joined us. We managed to complete a few Quebec Spin Challenges….

First off, we all helped build a quinzee for the Pathfinders and 3rd year Guides to sleep in. The girls decided this was: Outdoors, Another Branch, Photo Album and Sisterhood.

Then, the Guides cooked lunch for everyone (I was going to suggest this to them before camp, but they beat me to it!) and chose: Take the Lead (very appropriate), Same Branch, Share It and Learning.

In the afternoon, the Guides headed out on snowshoes. They tracked a dog and a fox, tried running and jumping in snowshoes, and then even climbed Skull Rock! The next morning, a bunch of Brownies went out and did the same. The girls opted for: Outdoors, Guiders, Blog/Photo Album and Learning. The blog post should be up in about a week since two of the girls want to write it together. Our blog: 1stLennoxvilleGuides.blogspot.ca.

As for the photos, here is a link to them that will be shared with all who attended camp: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z8nxug68y0z5sdd/OrFikKy2Qb.

My Guide unit has also been working on other challenges. Last month, they created their own Feel Good Boxes and then shared their creations and some of what’s important to them with the Brownies. This challenge took the form of: Invent, Unit, Share It and Personal Growth.

Finally, they have written a short play about Lord and Lady Baden-Powell and the beginning of Girl Guides and will present it to our district at next Monday’s Thinking Day Guide’s Own. This challenge is: Invent, Unit, Speak Out and Entertainment.

Thank you Esther Keller – way to Spin that SPIN Lennoxville District!!

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