What Are Jeans Good For?

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85th Montreal Gudies

85th Montreal Guides

Our district went to a winter camp a couple of weekends ago and quite a few Guides from my unit were in attendance. As leaders, we worried a bit about the extremely cold weather we had been having recently. And so, the meeting before we went we decide to run an activity I remembered doing as a girl. I figured that if it had stuck with me for that long, maybe it would stick with the girls as well.

We split our unit into three groups and gave each one three pieces of clothing. One group got socks, another tops and the last, pants. We set-up the activity so that the clothes they were given were made from different materials including cotton, fleece, wool and nylon. The girls got to dip each garment in water and see how it fared.

They came to many interesting conclusions such as the fact that fuzzy socks are nice and warm when dry, but get wet faster and stay wet longer than their typically unrecommended cotton counterparts and that sweat pants may seem warm, but they are usually made of cotton and stay wet for a long time. They were also able to convince themselves through demonstration that fleece, wool and other synthetic materials would be the best ones to bring to camp.

My favourite comment of the evening came as the last team – the pants one – shared their findings with the unit: “We decided that these nylon pants would be best for the summer and that the fleece ones would be nice and warm for the winter,” they told us. “But these jeans, they’d be good for nothing!” That’s when we knew the message had gotten through!

I guess Confucius was right:

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

About our Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Knowles is a Guider with the 85th Montreal Guide Unit. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at communications@guidesquebec.ca.

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