1st St-Lazare Guides use the Québec Spin to reward some AWESOME programming ideas!

1st St-Lazare Guides with Astronaut Chris Hadfield

1st St-Lazare Guides with Astronaut Chris Hadfield

QUEBEC SPIN #1: Science Badge Event / Guinness Book of World Records

Take the Lead / Guiders / Share It / Sisterhood (a Bring-A-Friend event)

For our Bring-a-friend meeting, we decided to do science round-robins as we were working on our Science badge at the time. We planned our meeting to coincide with the National Science and Technology Week (NSTW). To this end, we hosted our own NSTW event. On the government’s science website there is a lot of info and news on Canada’s efforts to set a new record in the Guinness Book of World Records for giving the World’s Largest Science Lesson. We started the evening by showing the girls the promotional video clip for the experiment.

This meeting also provided the perfect opportunity to introduce Astronaut Chris Hadfield to the girls (which we were excited about as we had planned another project based on his upcoming space mission). We showed the girls a video clip of Chris talking about the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Science Lesson.

Although the actual Guinness event was happening in the afternoon at multiple locations across Canada, and we were meeting in the evening, we thought it would be meaningful to run the meeting on the same day and in the same manner that the official lessons were taking place, so that our girls could look back and feel like they were a part of something greater that was actually a history-making event!

We brought in Guider Julie L. to run one of the lessons and advertised our event as an official Science and Technology Week Event on the Science.gc.ca website — you can find our Event advertized under the Quebec Events list

QUEBEC SPIN #2: Aeronautic and Science Badges / Chris Hadfield Mission

Explore / Unit / Blog it / Learning

Québec Spin

Québec Spin

Given that 2012 was a big year for the Canadian space program, with the 50th Anniversary of the Alouette I and Chris Hadfield’s historic space mission, we decided to focus on the girls’ Aeronautics and Science badges in Beyond You, the program area we are working on this year.

We listened to an interview with Chris Hadfield. The parents were encouraged to watch Apollo 13 with their daughters (skip the first 1/2 hour of exposition) and we did a fun communication game based on a scene in the film — “Houston, we’ve got a problem” – the scene where the astronauts were running out of oxygen and Ground Control had to put together a device to fix the problem (using only things that they would have on board the space craft). The trickiest part was really how would they communicate their solution — effectively, and without seeing each other. We took the opportunity to speak to the girls about the importance of clear communication and careful listening in all our relationships.

The game: We had four parents each send in two identical sets of lego (each a 20 piece set, a mirror image of the other). We then had each of our four 3rd year Patrol leaders become the Commander and sit back to back with the 2nd year girls in their

patrols, their crew. Our 1st years (Ground Crew) were handed one of the two matching sets of Lego with which to build the “replacement space ship part” — the 2nd years were handed the mirror set. The 1st years handed their completed “part” to the Commanders who had to accurately communicate how to replicate the part to their 2nd year crews.

We also paid a visit to the Cosmodome in Laval. They created a five hour program for us that covered the Aeronautics badge and much of our Science badge.

We contacted the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and asked if they had any special CSA adhesive patches. They were delighted to send us as many as we needed, and they also sent CSA bookmarks and rulers. Best of all, we received a package of 25 beautiful sew-on CSA crests! Our DC created a template for the Girl Guide logo and one of our parents printed them on sticky paper. We got a whack of those little Canadian flags and mini Canadian stick pins flag from the MNA Federal Government promotional office.  We then pulled the flags off of their sticks and we bought a couple of rolls of red duct tape which we cut in half lengthwise (only thing we ended up paying for!!).  We divided the girls into patrols and using the mini Canadian flags and painter’s paper coveralls (which can be found at any hardware store) along with a photo of Chris Hatfield’s Space Suit as a guide; they raced to create their own spacesuits.  Winners got little Canadian stick pin flags and everyone got the rulers and bookmarks.

Dressed in our new spacesuits, we took photos of the girls pretending to be in a photo with Chris Hadfield for his online photo competition. We timed the release of the photo with Chris Hadfield’s blast off — so the girls would be reinvigorated by the mission — he departed on December 19 and all our girls excitedly watched him take off.

VOTE FOR OUR PHOTO ONLINE HERE! Hurry! Contest ends May 16, 2013!!

In the new year we will be making Space Food (dehydrated fruits) for our sleepover party — we may also play segments of an amazing podcast I found of an interview with an astronaut and his memories of floating in the absolute blackness of space as our girls drift off to sleep…

About our Guest Blogger: Catherine Forbes is a Guider with the 1st St-Lazare Guide Unit. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at communications@guidesquebec.ca.

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