Tweet to Triumph – Embracing Social Media

There’s nothing we Girl Guides won’t do when we hear the word challenge, right?

Tuesday night at the Provincial PR Committee meeting the subject of social media came up. We discussed strategies for increasing our Québec Council Facebook presence, such as encouraging our Districts to contribute more blog entries, using Twitter, following GGC on twitter and so on. The marketing team at the Provincial office has been hard at work on this and have been doing a great job, however, we need more news and photos from the field to tell the world what great Guiding in Québec is all about.

So it seems only natural to challenge our District PR advisers to help lead the trend and increase our presence on the Provincial Council Facebook page and yes, even get our own Twitter accounts. Hopefully, we will encourage Guiders to follow (pun intended) our lead (hey another Guiding pun!) and join the conversation as they say. (Well, I’m sure they said that somewhere and it fits! Oh yeah right – Twitter said that!) What a great way to get the news out about all the great activities in Guiding units across the province.

Now on paper (or I should say screen) that sounds easy enough. However, there is quite a mix of generations on the committee and some of us still momentarily think of birds or a yellow cartoon character, not telling the world your every spontaneous or impulsive mundane thought, when we hear the word tweet. Of course this is just another example of one of the great things about Guiding: women of all ages and backgrounds working side-by-side for a common goal and sharing their ideas and experience.

Not to say us more “experienced” ones haven’t embraced technology. Everyone on our committee is email savvy, most have personal Facebook accounts and know how to use a computer, Skype and so on. Personally, I am versed in web design, digital photography and editing, and I love techno gadgets and can’t get along without my iPhone. However, the idea of broadcasting my every activity or thought via tweets the moment they happen seems pointless, or at the least, silly. Granted if you have a business or cause to promote I can see that it’s a fabulous communication tool.
Now, the idea of Twitter seems like fun to me and I have actually set up the occasional account to follow some event or another but I haven’t actually ever tweeted anything. Yet I can see myself tweeting interesting Guiding related news and ok, I will confess, I have secretly longed to tweet for some purposeful reason!!!

So here is the official Tweet to Triumph challenge to all my fellow GGC District PR advisers and anyone else in the Guiding community who would like to join us.

#1. Set up a Twitter account. You can do this at very easily. All the info you need is there . If you’re still apprehensive here’s an interesting blog to help you avoid some common twitter-verse pitfalls: You don’t actually need a smartphone to tweet, you can use your computer or even your iPad.

#2. Follow me on Twitter @CM_ggcStLazare and I will follow you back.

#3. Follow GGC Québec council on Twitter or @guidesquebec

#4. Tweet to GGC Québec Council that you are joining the challenge.

#5. Encourage anyone and everyone in your District to do the same. This includes leaders, older girls, parents and any friends of Guiding.

#5. Send out at least two tweets a week related to news in your district. (You can even tweet photos!)

#6. The District PR adviser with the most followers by April 30th wins. (Wins what? No idea! I know Nina-Marie is already shopping for a good surprise! Nina Marie is our intrepid interim- Committee Chair and of the generation born with texting thumbs!)

Now, what exactly am I going to tweet about?I think I’ll start with this week-end’s Provincial Snow Trails camp. I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday so I will start tweeting live about the all the action there. In addition to lots of anticipated fun and winter camping skills training for the girls, it also fits into my personal “Try Something New every Month Theme” for 2013. Hopefully, for the month of February I will be able to add tweeting and sleeping in a Quinzee to the list.

If you want to know how it turns out all you have to do is follow me on twitter!

About our Guest Blogger:Connie Morgenstern is Co-DC and  PR Adviser for the St-Lazare District. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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3 Responses to Tweet to Triumph – Embracing Social Media

  1. Don’t forget that very important step of tweeting @guidesquebec that you are in fact entering the challenge!

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