Camping + Girls + ipods = Great Video

 I dare you to not sing and sway in your chair as you watch this. It’s impossible!! The 1st Cedar Park Pathfinders have really captured what camp is all about : bonding, letting loose, and having some good-old fashioned dance parties! Sarah Young is a new guider in the Pointe-Claire district and really wanted to share this video because she feels it really depicts what Girl Guides is all about.

“Girl Guides is not about ‘cheesy girly things’ nor do we live up to stereo types, Girl Guides is about young women having a chance to be themselves, to express themselves in a safe place. Being young myself, I know the pressures of high school and the challenges it presents and I want Girl Guides to come out of the shadows and remind girls that together we are amazing, together we can do anything, and I want our girls to be able to be themselves, I want them to have a non judgmental place where their happiness is our success!”

and we couldn’t agree more.

About our Guest Blogger: Sarah Young Guides the 1st Cedar Park Pathfinders and the 1st Pointe-Claire Rangers. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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1 Response to Camping + Girls + ipods = Great Video

  1. Sarah Young says:

    Huge THANKS to Emily Latulippe who made this amazing video!!!!!!!

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