Girl Guide Xmas Decorations

How to add some Guiding Spirit to your Holiday Decorating!

A little creativity and a well-stocked dollar store make for great holiday fun! Though it may be too late for this year I’m sure many of you will adopt this cute little project for next year! They make great gifts, or wow your friends with a tree full of blue and white trefoils. All you need is : 1-A couple of cheap Christmas bulbs, either blue or white. 2-Some acrylic paint, either blue or white. 3-An old toothbrush (you will never use this toothbrush for teeth ever again – trust me) or a sponge with large holes. 4-An image of a trefoil small enough to fit onto the face of your bulb (you can easily print one from your computer). 5-A plastic you can cut a trefoil into and use as a stencil (I found the thin plastic loose leaf  folders or duo-tangs work best – nothing too rigid).  6-An exacto and adult supervision. 7-Scotch tape. 8-newspaperChrsitmas trefoil bulb girl guides craft

Before you start put newspaper down on your work station, this can get messy. Then your first step is to make sure the trefoil image you’re working on is not too big for the Christmas bulb you have and not so small that you can’t cut it out. Trace the image onto your plastic sheet. Cut the trefoil stencil – make sure to cut out only the negative space…this may take some figuring out and possibly a few tries. Be patient. Scoth-tape your stencil to the bulb. Then, if you are using a sponge : dip it into a small amount of paint and gently apply it. If you are using a toothbrush – slather your brush in paint, then holding the toothbrush bristles pointing downward over the bulb run your thumbnail along the bristles and let the paint splatter all over. Let the bulbs dry (won’t take long) and hang them up for all to enjoy! Feel free to elaborate on this project, and let us know how it goes!

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