Annual Pinky Pearly Party helping a new cause!


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Lakeshore & Riverdale: Partners for a worthy cause!

by Nissa Grant

Kate, a 21-year old Kirkland resident, approached Lakeshore district this fall to help support her organisation. Kate is the founder of Youth Upliftment International, or Amélioration Jeunesse Internationale, an organisation that provides schooling and other basic necessities to Haitian children living in the Dominican Republic.

At 16, during a family vacation to an all inclusive to Puerto Plata, DR, Kate met and befriended children working in poverty. Upon learning more about their stories, and seeing the living conditions of these children, she began her mission to provide these students with an education.
With a school (nursery to grade 3) that now services 74 street children who would otherwise not attend, Y.U.I. is in full force, and Kate is calling on our community to help. She started the ‘From Trash to a Class’ initiative, whereby collecting empty cans and bottles to fund her school. 500,000 cans can support the school for one year.
Kate presented her story to our guiders at a district meeting, and with gusto, all agreed to help support this incredible project that came from a young girl in our community. At every district event this year we will be collecting our empties to give to Y.U.I.
We started our collection at our annual Pinky Pearly Party, organized by the two Lakeshore Ranger units. Girls showed up to a great party dressed all in pink, toting their empties. Kate was thrilled with the over 3,000 cans brought in that night.
If any other district is interested in supporting this cause, please email Carol ( or Nissa( and we will put you in touch with Kate. Also, in order for the girls to fully understand this endeavor  Kate visited all of our units to explain the whole project. Thank you Kate!

About our Guest Blogger: Nissa Grant is the Lakeshore District Commisioner. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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