What’s your Girl Guide Cookie Style?

COOKIE FUN for Girl Guides
by Olivia with Pincourt Pathfinder and Ranger Units who meet on Monday evenings in Pincourt.
The Fall cookie campaign is here!  What do you do in your units to have fun during the cookie campaign?
The Pincourt Pathfinder and Ranger Units bridged together and experimented with the surprisingly many uses for both kinds of Girl Guide cookies.  After meeting together at our leader’s house, we quickly got to work blending, chopping and baking.  We used various recipes found on the National website, from amazing milkshakes to delectable cookie cheesecakes.  The night was full of hard work and laughter and it was great fun to discover what we could do with our cookies.  We also completed the Quebec Spin Challenge and had a wonderful meeting with lots of sisterhood and friendship.  Girl Guide cookie experimentation is a great unit activity to do, and we hope that other units will use our idea and enjoy it as much as we did.  For recipe ideas, see www.girlguides.ca/cookierecipes
Would you rather……
  • Eat Girl Guide cookie cheesecake or drink a Girl Guide cookie and cream smoothie?
  • Sleep in a Girl Guide cookie treehouse or cabin up at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane or lounge in a Girl Guide cookie tropical beach cabana?
  • Sprinkle ice cream with Girl Guide cookie crumbles or use marshmallows and peanut butter to make Girl Guide cookie S’mores?
  • Wear a Girl Guide cookie costume all day or participate in a Girl Guide cookie flash mob?
  • Dip your cookie in a glass of milk or eat it on the side?
What is your cookie style?

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