Québec Girl Guides get a Taste of Stardom with The Québec Spin

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Over two dozen young Girl Guide members got together this August to tape a promotional video for the NEW Québec Spin Challenge. This tool had been created from the input of many members, to give your plans and activities a new twist!

The girls were part of a video for the challenge launch, an initiative that had been designed at a Focus Group gathering of Québec Guiders back in March. Jamie Kinney and other Deux Montagnes Guiders showed their boundless enthusiasm and support by providing a super venue for the taping, and joining in on the production. They and other volunteers sent out the casting call for this mid-summer get together. Friends brought friends, and some of our Québec Girl Ambassadors were there. Nature supplied lots of sunshine to make the outdoors part of the day as well.

Girls stepped up: “costumes”, lines to learn, big girls assisting smaller ones, and each developed their own contributions to the content. A pile of laughter, chatter, smiles, a picnic lunch and ice cream cones, and the feature is now ready for editing!

A big thank you to all the Guiders who came, who invited girls, or who were part of the brainstorming! And of course big shout out to the Girls who appeared! You were ALL AWESOME!

Stay tuned – The New Québec Challenge, its info, its video and of course how to get your crests, will all come to you as of the District Commissioners’ Day in mid-September!

Amber Lebrun & Valerie Zaloum

for the Program – Girl Engagement Task Group

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