A Proud Brownie Mom from Northern Lights District

By Louise

WOW!! Alyssia has been nominated for the Inaugural Girl Greatness Awards in the “Making a Difference” category!! Her story will be up on the GGC website sometime this week [Editor’s Note: It’s up! – You can read her story online here.] and her sisters in Guiding can vote for her from May 1st to May 25th!!! She was chosen among girls from all over the country!! How EXCITING!!!!

When she was in kindergarten, she came to see me and said she decided, all by herself, to let her hair grow and donate it to an organisation who makes wigs. She specifically wanted to give it away to a fondation that would help kids who had lost theirs because of medical situations. So for more than two years, she let it grow all the way down to her waist….it was quite long and heavy but she never complained about it (or almost….in 30+ degrees in the summer, it was quite hot). Her quest became even more important when she found out, in the last year, that one of her friends in the neighbourhood was diagnosed with leukemia. In January, she decided it was time to cut it, and even if she was a little nervous at the thought of having short hair, she didn’t hesitate because she said it was more important to help kids in need! She even plans on doing it again and says she will encourage her baby sisters to do the same later on (once they grow hair, of course!!)!!

About our Guest Blogger: Louise is the proud mother of Alyssia, who is a Brownie in the Northern Lights District.  If you are interested in guest blogging, please contact us at communications@guidesquebec.ca!

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