A Guider Getaway: Not your average group of gals!

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By Emily K-L.

Often the women of Guiding are so devoted to their girls that it is easy to forget that they are part of an amazing network of women!  I had the privilege of spending a weekend at a chalet in the Laurentians with the wonderful women of Des Montérégiennes District – and witness first-hand the magic that happens when Guiding women get together.

Some of my observations from the Guider Getaway weekend:

1- Guiding women sure know how to pack! We loaded down that van like pros!

2- Guiding women sure know how to cook! Let’s just say we ate reaaaaaaally well all weekend long…fresh fruit smoothies, thai curry, bagels with cream cheese and lox, french toast and bacon, lasagna with garlic bread, the world’s best guacamole…all this in a chalet!

3- Guiding women are active!  What did you do before lunch on Saturday?  We went GEOCACHING!  There were some harrowing moments of daredevilish feats, but it’s safe to say we did not leave one cache un-found!

4- Guiding women are green. Aside from enthusiastically participating in Earth Hour, all of the little gestures of conservation and consciousness was refreshing to see. Guiding women will single-handedly save our planet, without a doubt!

5- Guiding women are generous.  With hugs, with helping out, with food, with compliments, with advice, with kindness.

So as you plan your unit meetings, prep for incredible camp experiences, program challenges and cookie sales, take a moment to appreciate how special your Guiding network is -and cherish it with all your might!

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