Des Montérégiennes District says “Together We Can Save Our Planet”

Together we can save our planet – World Thinking Day 2012
By Ingrid Hamel
What happens when a small group of thoughtful and dedicated Guiders come together for a purpose…well, we can change the world !The St Bruno community of Des Montérégiennes District held its 2012 World Thinking Day event recently.  The evening consisted of different stations that the girls could explore doing the following activities:

…making a snowy village and a summer village using compostable corn packing peanuts,
…learning about the 4 World Centers,
…taking large versus small carbon footsteps and learning about their impact on our Earth,
…learning about recycling,
…learning about water turbines,
…drawing a mural showing what happens when we take care of our Earth versus if we do not,
…making pinwheels using re-purposed scrapbook paper and corks that were a big hit and turned out fabulous,
…playing a group balance game
…singing some friendship songs
…collecting CWFF donations – a grand total of $168 for the Canadian World Friendship Fund !
…and last but certainly not least, Emily from Rangers set up an amazing interview studio with props, background and her developed questions and with the help of Nathalie and Monica, interviewed girls about what they want for their future !
Thanks to the unit Guiders (Colleen, Pamela, Annie, Heather, Valerie, Carole and myself) for their participation in providing one or more of the above stations and lending a hand with set-up.  We certainly work well as a group and it is nice when we can get the girls together.  Thank you to Betty-Jean and Christine for joining us, it was great to see you.  And thanks to Annette for the donations …you should have seen the pinwheels !  Special thanks to Valerie who purchased our cute WAGGGS crests and who oversaw the entire event and gave a lot of behind the scenes time to make it happen.Great job everyone and Happy Thinking Day !

About our Guest Blogger: Ingrid Hamel is the Des Montérégiennes District Commissioner.  If you are interested in Guest Blogging, please contact! 

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