A Spark Sleepover Spectaculaire!

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By Linda

Our sleepover went really well with Sparks and moms all saying they had a great time.

We had the moms and Sparks all participate in preparing meals, doing dishes and clean up. Myriam organized a fun campfire for us and we had banana boats as an evening treat after playing outside. I think a few of the moms will be making banana boats at home for the rest of their families – they were a big hit! 6 Sparks slept over and 1 left for the night but came back for breakfast.

We also did 2 activities that we found in the February’s Guidepost in the winter activities link. The first was spreading seeds on the snow, which we did at night and then we checked in the morning for animals tracks.

The second activity was pretty original. We gave each girl a little container (we got used 35mm film containers from Jean Coutu) and filled them with a bit of water and then told the girls to pretend it was a mouse looking for a warm spot to spend the night. The girls each put their containers in different spots outside (some in deep snow, some under tree branches, etc) and then in the morning we went to check on them. If the water froze, then their mouse would have too! 2 girls actually had water still in their containers but most of the others were frozen solid.

About our Guest Blogger: Linda is a Sparks Guider in the Lakeshore District.  If you are interested in Guest Blogging, please contact emily.guides@gmail.com!

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1 Response to A Spark Sleepover Spectaculaire!

  1. Jellybean says:

    It looks like everyone had a great time! mmmm banana boats mmmm

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