2012 Guider Symposium was a hit!

Québec Guiders celebrate in the sisterhood of Guiding

On January 21st 2012, the volunteer women of Girl Guides of Canada’s Québec Council came together for a unique one-day symposium Empowered Guiders: Leaders hip in Guiding. This reunion of girl empowerment specialists featured motivational speakers, innovative workshops and consultative sessions on best practices for capacity-building and leadership development of today’s girls and young women.

Here is what some of you had to say about the day:

“A fantastic event – well planned and executed and enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks for the QC council’s hard work!” – Sharon

“It was a fantastic day! It went by so fast though!” – Anne

“Great event – Glad I went!” – Rachel

“Thank you for the amazing day. We really learnt a lot, the company was amazing and the food was awesome. Thank you!” – Cathenna

“Thanks for an awesome day :). As a new Guider my eyes were opened yesterday and I met and saw so many wonderful people all with a common goal. The guest speakers and trainers were fantastic! If only we had more time as the day flew by! Thanks again :)” – Renée

“I had a fantastic time, saw lots of old friends, heard many fabulous speakers and feel energized!” – Joanne

“I enjoyed my day at the Symposium, got to chat with many women who shared so many great ideas, not to mention getting much needed training and to everyone who made it happen. Thank you! These days are important and mean a lot.” – Tracy

A Huge THANK YOU to the organizing committee, facilitators, volunteers and participants for making the 2012 Guider Symposium a rousing success!  Can’t wait for next year!

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