1st Richelieu Rangers from Des Montérégiennes District learn about Real Life

By Ingrid Hamel

Some of the Rangers and their leaders Carole Knaapen and myself went to give our time to a women’s day shelter in Montréal not so long ago.  We were greeted and led on a tour of the place with a little briefing of the history and function of the shelter.  After, our group split up and some of us helped organize the many clothing and shoe donations they receive while the others organized their little library area.  At noon, we served the lunch meal to the women who use this shelter.  In the afternoon, two of our girls, Julie and Nathalie, lead the BINGO games while we watched in admiration.

It was a humbling and touching experience for us to see real people who are in such need and to see the dynamic of the group as a whole.  Our Ranger group is no stranger to community service but we all agreed this was truly a learning experience.  We all felt like we really gave a part of ourselves since we were right there in the action and day to day life of these women…which hits a little closer to home than some of the other community service opportunities we have had.   The memory of those women stayed in my mind that evening as I prepared dinner in my warm home…some of them have a home to go to while others had to find a night shelter to sleep in over night…and perhaps some would be sleeping in the elements…on a minus-22 C night.

I think a little piece of our hearts stayed in that shelter…we hope to return sometime soon.

About our Guest Blogger:

 Ingrid Hamel is the Des Montérégiennes District Commissioner and Richelieu Rangers Guider.  

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1 Response to 1st Richelieu Rangers from Des Montérégiennes District learn about Real Life

  1. Christine Gage says:

    Oh my gosh, brought tears to my eyes… I can just see those girls, with their wonderful smiles, leading the bingo! I am sure they brightened the lives of more than just their leaders that day! It must have been so humbling… we really are very fortunate in our lives – even though sometimes we like to complain about how hard we have it. I wonder if we could survive as those courageous women have to do each day. It must have been difficult to experience, the life in a woman’s shelter, but I trust the girls learned a life lesson. Girls Need Guides… after all… to teach them what our everyday lives do not. Bravo to the leaders, and the girls!

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