Québec now has a Link group!

Are you a young woman 18 – 30 years old?
Are you looking for a way to stay connected to Guiding within your busy lifestyle?
Are you looking for a group of like-minded new friends?

If you answered yes, I invite you to join Link!

By Jessie King

Link??? Link is a branch of GGC for women aged 18 – 30 who still wish to maintain ties with Guiding. Link offers you a way to meet other young women in Guiding, continue to share your skills within Guiding when you have time, have fun with other young women, and stay informed of upcoming events and trainings. Link members may choose to also hold other positions in Guiding (such as unit leader), but you do not have to be a leader to be a Link member.

Let me give you a snapshot of my experiences with Link in British Columbia….Once upon a time, I had just started university in a big city where I knew few people and knew even less about living in a city. I attended my first Link meeting and was ‘linked’! I had found a group of young, like-minded women who were keen to have adventures, plan bridging events with younger levels of girls, and most importantly, eat great food!

Over the next few years, my Link group gathered bimonthly over a potluck of tasty food (many of us lived in residence and dearly missed home-cooked meals) and planned numerous fun events. We went camping many places, including in the wet West Coast Rainforest; we cycle-toured various local islands; we planned activities, workshops, and entire camps for younger branches of Guiding; and we learned to batik, knit, and even fix a broken toilet!

Thus, Link can be whatever you want it to be and however much you want it to be. Link members can be part of a group, or just on their own. Interested?? You can contact me for more information, you can get a list of young women in your area and contact them directly, you can also check out the National Link Connections newsletter at http://www.girlguides.ca/publications, or contact Caitlin Archer, the National Link Specialist at linkspecialist@girlguides.ca. Also, watch the Piccolo and FB for more Link information!

Yours in Link,
Jessie King

To learn more about Link, please contact programsupport@guidesquebec.ca!

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